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Monday, March 27, 2006

Back to Our Roots

Originally posted March 4, 2005.

We missed Black History Month, so we're gonna make up for it in March. Because we're focusing our grow efforts on Washington, DC (and surrounding areas), it's probably time to recognize the historical connections of Blacks and agriculture in the American South. (Is DC the South though? Seems like it by the accents, cuisine, and cultural attitudes, but that's irrelevant right now.) It is important to know that our kinfolk contributed more to agriculture than simply serving as cotton picking slaves or struggling sharecroppers.
We know many of you are into photography (and got you some cousins in the "souf"), so you may find the USDA historical archives interesting. Are you a school teacher or PBS junkie? Check out this special feature: "Homecoming" documents African-American farmers, land loss, and social injustice from the Civil War to the present.
The folks at 3417 don't want to make this some kind of "ethnic movement" though. It's all about getting plants in the ground, forming lasting community relationships, and eatin' good food you've grown yourself. So start planning that sustainable urban ...the weather's gonna break soon.



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