Grow to Live

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Introducing Our You Tube Page

I recorded the first video this morning. Just an introduction to the garden, what's growing, where everything will be. I was alone so I had to hold the camera which means I couldn't really engage in any activity but hopefully, in the future, I can film the transplanting process, staking the plants, putting up the trellis, turning the compost, mulching and more. I figure that live video is much better than pictures although YouTube butchers the quality. I'm going to see if Myspace does any better.

Just a couple of pictures to show from this weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect. Not much to say today. I figure 5 minutes of your time a day is enough.


-- Dale

Monday, April 03, 2006

Planning Your Garden

Am I going in reverse? Possibly, but there are a few of you who haven't started your seeds or planned your garden layout so who cares? Garden layouts are important. It gives you an idea of how many plants you need but also where you should position your plants according to the amount of sun needed, which vegetables are companions to others and importantly, which plants need to be staked or caged. Make sure you figure out which of your plants needs to be staked, caged, or grown on a trellis. Squash, cucumbers and melons are the most common plants that require a trellis. This nice article with photos on diynet is a nice tool for learning how to build your own trellis. I'll keep this one short. There's plenty of reading to do with the links above.